17 Aug 2016

Graphicmania Interview

Surreal Artist Osvaldo Gonzalez by Rafiq Elmansy — 21 JUN, 2010

In this interview, I would like to introduce to you Osvaldo Gonzaliz the name and the artist and will try to reveal the secret behind his art and shed the light about his life through the following questions.

1- let’s start with the normal question and tell us a little about Osvaldo the artist? And how do you find the artist inside you?
“During high school I really enjoyed drawing class, and at the age of 17th I had the opportunity to start a job as an ad designer at the local paper in my hometown. It was a great experience, and I discovered that my life would always revolve around art.”

2- Tell us about your digital art?
“Most important for me is the act of creating agood concept and bringing it to reality. The birth of agood idea is the celebration of art, the choice of a medium is only a complement.”

3- Have you studied yet? If so where?
“I am a self-taught artist. I didn’t have the opportunity to attend a university, and I continue learning on my own to this day.”

4- You have remarkable and special style. Why do you choose digital surreal art? And how to you reach this style?
“I like to mix drawings, photos, and incorporate found objects in my compositions. I always strive for an “antique” photographic look. The digital medium is perfect for putting my ideas together and making them a reality.”
“Sometimes the idea comes in a flash, I make some sketches in my book and in a few hours I have the outline of a piece. Sometimes it is more complex and in the middle of the process as I am adding to the piece, I suddenly have a drastic change in focus finally finishing the entire composition in a couple of weeks. Other times I start with only a few basic elements and no fixed idea, then after arguing with myself a piece is born in my heart and in my eye. I try to tell a story with each piece I create.”

5- How long have you been doing digital art?
I start mypersonal digital artwork in 2002 and my first piece was The Search.

6- What software do you use? and why you chose it as a tool to create your digital art?
I use Photoshop as my primary software, also I use Painter and Illustrator.
Photoshop gives me freedom and precision in each tool, I love the layers palette to mix and blend drawings, textures and photos.
Photoshop is only a good tool, it can be used for good or for bad. Today I feel all is “Easily, fashion and fancy Photoshoped”! The real digital art is much more, the real digital art start with concept and ideas.

7- What inspires you to create these amazing artworks?
I try to create small “never seen before” scenarios of improbable events, which require the viewer to interpret the message for himself.
I try to establish questions for the viewer and demand viewer participation.
My pieces are dreamlike figurations about the human condition, technologic dependence punishment to nature, and loss of basic fundamental values.

8- Tell us about the exhibitions you attended, awards or where your artwork are featured?
The best award for me, are the words from people around the world let me knowing, how a piece has growing in your heart. Really, it is cool.

9- Do you have an upcoming project to share with us?
Right now I’m working in Black Boxes, a mixed media project, I hope to finish this year. I’m working in a new series of digital pieces, the name will be “The Tombs”. Also I’m building my photography portfolio.

10- What’s the best advice you ever received?
“Always fight for your goals. It is still possible to bring dreams to reality”

11- Away from the art life, What are the little things in life that you enjoy?
I like to cook, I like gothic and metal music, I like windsurfing and Formula One.

12- What has been your toughest challenge?
It was when I realized that for economic reasons, I wouldn’t be able to study art at a university. It was a bitter truth at the moment, but… I was happy more later… when I worked teaching computer arts in a important university in Buenos Aires.

13- Who are your favorite artists? What impressed you about them?
Dalí: The genius.
Rene Magritte: The surreal.
HR Giger: The Dark.
Dave MacKean: The compositor.

14- What is your advice to young digital artists?
It doesn’t matter if you have a paintbrush or a digital pencil, what is important is to have a restless heart, and to be able to transmit what your heart feels, while leaving to the side what is trendy or popular. Create, create, and continue creating, Breathe art and enjoy it.

16- Any thing would you like to add?
Blessed are those who appreciate art, more blessed are those who feel it and live it.
Thanks so much to all the staff of for the continuous support to digital art.


Rafiq Elmansy is a graphic designer and runs his own design studio Pixel Consultations. He is also an Adobe Community Professional, Certified Expert and Adobe user group manager. He is a Friend of Icograda (the International Council of Graphic Design Associations).


Osvaldo Gabriel González is a self-taught artist, born in Argentina. Working in a melancholic vein, He create whimsical and surreal pieces of art, showing complex and emotional scenarios of the human condition and strange dreamlike figurations.


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