Visual Artist

Osvaldo Gabriel González is a self-taught artist, born in Argentina. Working in a melancholic vein, He create whimsical and surreal pieces of digital art, showing complex and emotional scenarios of the human condition and strange dreamlike figurations.

He has a knack for creating dark mysterious stories. His use of layering to incorporate depth, tonal qualities, and aged effects are decisive and work together to produce otherworldly narrative moments with a delicate and detailed sense of atmosphere and transparency.

His passion for the ancient is present in his mix media art. He uses acrylics, clay, found objects, to obtain dark compositions. He live in Hollywood, Florida.

“He is a manipulator, a composer, a juggler of images. He knows what he wants and gets it. He creates outrageous, preposterous, improbable scenarios of everyday life in some remote or parallel universe where things evolved differently and with a different logic. The events in his narrative work require the viewer to interpret the message for himself. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes obscure, always with an urgent vitality… An impending future we may not want to see. A dark sense of humor also plays its part in the work of this accomplished artist.”
David Genovesi
Artrom Gallery, Rome, Italy.

“The surrealism of Osvaldo’s dreamscapes is grounded by his restrained color palette. There’s a highly personal and weirdly compelling style on display here.”
Richard Hill
Editor Imagine FX, UK.

“Most important for me is the act of creating a good concept and bringing it to reality. The birth of a good idea is the celebration of art, the choice of a medium is only a complement.”
“I like to mix drawings, photos, and incorporate found objects in my compositions. I always strive for an “antique” photographic look. The digital medium is perfect for putting my ideas together and making them a reality. also I feel very comfortable with collage and mixed media creation.”


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